Healing touch by Germaine  - Massage Therapist, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Ballroom Dance
Experience a customized aromatherapy treatment especially for you. Please call Germaine at 703 728 8415.  If you would like an oil that may help you relax and feel better, please ask me for a suggested single or blended oil.

Lets talk about how you are feeling and what's going on with your health. Together we can decide what blend to use or we can create a special blend for you.

Purchase the doterra products on the link to my website at wholesale prices and learn about the history and uses of the doterra plants oils, please follow this link.

I use Doterra essential plant oils in my therapeutic treatments. You can use the essential oils in your home or your office environment on a daily basis to help you feel better because breathing in the oils, hydrates, oxygenates and detoxifies on a cellular level.  Breathing in the oils affects your olfactory smell nerve that leads to the brain and limbic system involved with emotion and motivation.  The oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal depending on which oil is used.

You may place an order of these 2 types on my doterra website
1.  wholesale customer
2.  wholesale wellness advocate & business builder

When you become a doterra customer, you are given a doterra customer number and you create your own password. You will start earning points with each order that you place. Save up you points and trade them in for a product.

Every month doterra offers a free promotional product of the month when you place an order before the 15th of a month and your minimum purchase is 125 point value, PV.)

Save up your points and trade them in for a product.

Choose a skin care kit for your skin type.  Identify your skin type and choose the corresponding skin care kit

Acne/ Oily skin, try the HD Skin Care Kit-$46 wholesale

Normal Skin, try the Customizable Essential skin kit-$90 wholesale

Dry/Sensitive Skin, try the Virage skin care kit-$84.50

Here are some of the doterra kits that you may view and purchase on my doterra website.

The Family Wellness Kit-$125 wholesale has 10-5ml oils including breathe, deep blue, on guard, frankincense, lavender, lemon, peppermint, melaleuca/tea tree, orange and oregano and 1- 4oz. bottle of liquid or fractionated coconut/carrier oil.  The oils will help improve your family's health and well being. The oils may replace some over the counter products in your medicine cabinet.

The Aroma Touch Technique kit-$110 has 8-5ml oils and 1-4oz. bottle of coconut/carrier oil. There is a link to view an instructional video that shows you how to use and apply the oils on the back and feet. The oils are lavender and balance to aid in stress reduction, on guard and melaleuca/tea tree for immune enhancement, aroma touch and deep blue for inflammation reduction and wild orange and peppermint for emotional balance.

The Cleanse and Restore Kit-$245 wholesale has the Life Long Vitality Pack ( 3 supplements), Terrazyme (digestive enzymes), Zendocrine, GX and PB(Pro biotic) assist, 15ml of Lemon and enrollment.

The Athlete's Kit-$75 wholesale includes 1- 4oz tube of Deep Blue creme and 5-5ml essential oils of breathe, onguard, lavender, melaleuca and peppermint.

The use of the essential plant oils can affect your skin, blood and lymph circulation, nervous, endocrine, digestive and excretory systems.

There are many different single and blended oils to choose from.  Read about aromatherapy and create and use your own therapeutic blend. I can help you choose the oils that may be most beneficial for you.  I am happy to teach you more about this natural therapy for better health and well being.

I started seeing Germaine a few years ago for stress and tension relief. She is Amazing. Germaine is one of those rare people with an excellent work ethic and passion for her work. She is extremely attentive to my needs and is tenacious about finding the right technique to address the problem. She also educates me about what is going on with my body and suggests ways to take care of myself at home. She really goes the extra mile to make sure she is meeting my needs.
I have had many massages in my life, and Germaine is by far the BEST.
Sandi P.

Germaine Jasinski provides outstanding therapeutic massage!  She has helped heal my neck and shoulders when I have had injuries or flare ups on several occasions over the years.  She also has fixed my Achilles tendon several times when it has had recurring trouble due to a very tight calf muscle.  She has decades of experience and understands the science and anatomy of everything she does.  One of her great attributes is that she continues to study the human body and makes efforts to understand it from both Eastern and Western medicinal perspectives.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to recover from injuries, to athletes, or to anyone who had aches and pains they need help with!
Todd B.

I can think of no other beginning to a reference letter than to be able to simply say:  BEST MASSAGE EVER.
Germaine is undoubtedly exceptional!  She is a well-seasoned practitioner who has learned the background, technique, and all the proper skills needed to work with individuals who are looking for a relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage and most definitely massages for those who do high intensity workouts and need the muscles relaxed and replenished with good blood circulation bringing in renewed energy and refreshment to the entire body.
Also, Germaine is very well read and educated in her field of energy healing with massage and she know exactly how to incorporate the right essentials oil to enhance the healing process of sore and tired muscles and joints.
I find her mannerisms and personality to be very calm and reassuring – there is grace, peace and harmony in the room and thus just as soon as you get on the table you have become to take a journey that will heal, lift and give you that million dollar feeling – each and every time.   I believe much of her skills comes also from the fact she is a dancer and seems to incorporate the moves and rhythm right into her massages. 
I am always uplifted and wish I would have a massage from Germaine DAILY – I know I would be much more relaxed and super happy as you leave the massage bed with new wings to soar.
Please try Germaine the next time you are looking for a FANTASTIC MASSAGE!

Susan B.

I started massage sessions with Germaine a few years ago at Sport & Health and haven't stopped since. I am very picky about who I hire as my massage therapist. I had heard great things about Germaine and wanted to try her out. Let me say that it was the best thing I have ever done. Her technique is so amazing, soothing and therapeutic. She knows so much about essential oils and is always eager to focus on your aches, pains and the knots.  She goes above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your sessions. She is an amazing person and the best massage therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone.


"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." ~ Dalai Lama

 I've been  to see Germaine Jasinski for full body massages many times. She is wonderful and she takes her time to get the knots out of my tight muscles. I am very petite and she applies the right  amount of pressure without hurting me. She has a calm and relaxing personality. She's good at letting me know the purpose of the different oils. Highly recommend!

Ellen B.




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