Healing touch by Germaine  - Massage Therapist, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance Instruction for BEGINNERS and ADVANCED BEGINNERS, singles, couples, groups and Wedding couples.
I am happy to teach you the basics of social ballroom dance so that you can move with the music.  We can start by learning basic step patterns, musical timing, techniques and styling with feeling and emotion.

 The process is one of building each time that we meet.

Please call Germaine at 703 728 8415 so that we can discuss your goals and then meet for your first lesson. 

Learn in private lessons or in a small group class?  You can improve your communication skills, be expressive to music and have fun at the same time.  Learn one dance or learn them all.  Learn how to lead and/or follow and how to connect and move together.

I can teach you how to dance so you can go to social dances or special events and be able to recognize the music and dance to the particular music.  I know the American style smooth dances of Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz and the American Style Rhythm dances of Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa and Swing.

I am also familiar with International Style Standard and Latin dances.

Learn about postural alignment and partner connection, direction of movement in relation to each other and the room, step patterns and musical counting rhythms and simple techniques to improve your balance and movement.

I started to learn ballet at age 5, then jazz, tap and modern dance as an adult.  I started learning American ballroom style ballroom in 1983 when I first taught ballroom at Dance World USA in Arlington and then in Bethesda under the direction of Andy McCann and Bruce Pla.  I then began learning International ballroom from Ian Gillett, Ron Bennett and Beverly Ann Rees in 1999.  I continued my training with Ray Bugnosen, Michael Rye, Genya and Yana, Todd and Migle, Lydia Petrigova, Alex Senko and Garry Gehkman and many other teachers at national dance camps. I have been teaching and learning ballroom dance since 1983/34 years.

Private lesson for 45 minutes is $45.  If there is a floor fee, this will be added to the cost.

Group lesson is $60 for 60 minutes.  A group can be 2 to 4 individuals.

I pay the floor fee of $10-$20 depending on the location.

Please see my 2 wedding dance reviews:

Social or Wedding Dance Lessons for Couples or Bride and Groom in your home. One lesson is
Floor Rental Fees taught at dance studios may be added to the price of your dance lesson.  Studios charge $10-$20 per hour.
Social Dance or Wedding Dance Lesson Packages for singles, couples or Bride and Groom; 5/45Minute lessons; $225, 10/45 Minute lessons; $450.

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