Healing touch by Germaine  - Massage Therapist, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Ballroom Dance

WELCOME...Individuals who need THERAPEUTIC or MEDICAL MASSAGE by Board Certified Therapist

Love and take good care of yourself! Experience myoskeletal alignment techniques for posture and pain management as well as deep tissue massage of trigger points

Get away from the everyday stresses of life and receive some tender loving care in a relaxing, restful mind and body treatment to feel rejuvenated and ready to face your life with a new perspectiveLet's work together to create alignment and balance in your body.  If you have not experienced my special aromatherapy treatments, please give yourself a break and notice a difference in what a 1.5 hour or 1 hour treatment can do for you.

I apply techniques such as gentle zen facial massage, lymph drainage, myofacial release, reflexology of the hands and feet and I can use aromatherapy oils to reach the goal of relaxation, enjoyment and peace.

In my treatments I use the doterra essential plant oils that can add another pleasant dimension to the therapeutic massage.  The oils are fragrant and when used with positive affirmations can raise the vibrational frequencies of the mind/body connection.  The plant oils are also antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal depending on the oil that is used.

Germaine is available by appointment only at several peaceful quiet locations! PLEASE Call Me directly to schedule your appointment at 703 728 8415

Mondays & Wednesdays 10AM-2PM
@ Purcellville Chiropractic 101-F South Maple Ave
office phone for chiropractic care 540 338 1663

$100 for 1.5 hour massage
$75 for 1 hour massage
$40 for 1/2 hour massage

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 10AM-2PM in Reston
@ Alternative Care Chiropractic/Bruno Chiropractic Arts Center 1810 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 202 Reston VA
Office phone for chiropractic care 571 375-0610

$110 for 1.5 hour massage
$70 for 1 hour massage
$40 for 1/2 hour massage
Adjustments are $40 or your health insurance specialist co-pay

M, T, W, TH  3pm to 7pm by appointment@
Tyson's Sport and Health Club
8250 Greensboro Drive
McLean, VA 22102
Near Tyson's Corner 2

Germaine directly 703-728-8415
Front desk @ S&H club 703 442-9150

Some days I can come earlier or stay later upon request.

New Members upon signing up for a health club membership can receive 2 massages for $99 in the first 90 days of membership.

Existing members and employees are eligible for discounts upon direct request with Germaine.

These are the existing prices programmed into front desk computer for services.

80 Min massage is $132/$142 non member/guest pass
50 Min massage is $93/$103 non member/guest pass
25 Min massage is $65/$75 non member/guest pass
15 Min massage is $20/$30 non member/guest pass

These Summer 2017 specials are available upon request

80M massage for $93 member/$103 non member
50 M massage for $65member/$75 non member

The $10 guest pass fee is automatically added to your service if you are a non member of Tyson's Sport and Health club. The $10/guest pass fee includes the use of the showers/towels, steam and sauna rooms, whirlpool and exercise classes/weights/equipment usage of the club for the day.

The Tyson's Sport and Health club address is 8250 Greensboro Drive near Tysons 2 shopping center.
The building is located behind the underground parking lot that is next to the Subway and United Bank that face Greensboro drive. The underground parking lot is $1.00 for 3.5 hours with a scanned validation of your ticket at the front desk of the health club.

Walk through the parking garage, take the  staircase up to the sidewalk that leads to the front of the health club.

Parking is FREE from 5:30pm-11:30 pm. The Free parking is available in the lot to the side of the 8250 building.  

  • PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to PRE-PAY for your massage.  Please contact me by text or phone call when you arrive and I can meet you @the front desk.  You may use the towels, showers, steam room, sauna and whirlpool before or after your massage. You may also use the club for the day.

About Germaine:
Germaine is a nationally board certified and licensed massage therapist, cosmetologist and esthetician. I have been practicing therapeutic massage since 1991, skin care, nail and hair care since 1993. 

I have recently studied and certified in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, including upper and lower body,  Pain and Posture management as well as Lymphatic Drainage massage, Myofascial release and Aromatherapy. Other areas of present day study and certification are applied kinesiology and orthopedic massage.
Why Massage?
Massage can be comforting, soothing and can help to heal your body as well as reduce stress, soreness, pain, anxiety and depression. Lengthening the muscle tissue and unwinding and separating the fascia can improve flexibility and range of motion in joints and create alignment and balance.  Please hydrate with water or water with lemon before and after your massage.  Find your time to receive and enjoy a therapeutic massage.

What to expect: 
Prepare to relax and reduce your stress level, calm or tone down your emotions and reduce the tension in your muscles. If you have painful areas in your muscles, these trigger points can be stretched, lengthened and smoothed out to reduce pain and inflammation and increase blood and lymph circulation as well as balance your nervous system, stimulate digestion, detoxify tissues and eliminate waste.

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